Innovations are key drivers of growth and competitiveness and thus a strong pillar of the Home and Personal Care industry. Only companies that continually and sustainably innovate can survive in today’s global competition.

HPCI India will once again recognize outstanding innovations from the cosmetics, detergents/ cleansers and perfume industries with three innovation awards. Applications can be submitted for innovative raw materials, products, techniques, processes or concepts.

The announcement of the awards will highlight the prize winners. For the winners, these awards are not just a way to promote their innovations effectively but also an opportunity to find greater attention in the trade media. The awards are meant to give an impetus to active management of ideas in companies.

Who can participate

All companies that participate in the HPCI India as exhibitors can enter the competition. The applications should have a maximum length of three A4 pages. A company may submit several entries, whereby however, only one award will be presented per company in order to ensure equality of opportunity.

A distribution company can represent any two companies. Only one award shall be given to the distribution company.

The shortlisted participants will have to appear for a personal interview on 4th February, 2020. The venue and timing will be informed to the participants before 20th January, 2020.

The ingredients / products which have won awards in the earlier shows like incosmetics / HPCI Wolrdwide will not qualify for the awards

Participation is free of charge.

Members of the jury are not eligible to participate. However, companies of which the jury members are employees can participate in the contest. The decision on the award winners will be made by an independent and neutral jury of experts comprising.

The Jury
The jury shall make the decisions on the innovation awards in a closed session.

Evaluation Criteria:


  • New
  • Demonstrable improvement or advantage over current approaches
  • Relevant to the consumer
  • Need-based

Level of Innovation

  • Improvement or broadening of an already known approach or
  • Novel approach first of its kind

Innovation Potential

  • Niche or
  • Widely applicable

Implementation costs compared to that of current approach

  • High or
  • Medium or
  • Low

Feasibility of implementation or implementation risk compared to current approach

  • High or
  • Medium or
  • Low

The awards will be presented on the second day of HPCI India 2020 event i.e. on 7th February, 2020. The winners consent to the release of their name and picture on the HPCI India website.

The closing date for submitting applications is 15th January, 2020.

Please send your application with a maximum length of three pages to:

Ms. : Ms Preeti
Co-ordinator – Indian Society of Cosmetic Chemists (ISCC)
Email: [email protected] Cell: +919324321939

Please send your application with a maximum length of three pages to:

Ms Eisha Talvelkar
Manager – Projects
NürnbergMesse India Pvt. Ltd.
Email: [email protected] Tel: 022-6216 5315

Participation in the contest does not automatically entitle the participants to a prize. The decision about the awards rests solely with the jury. The decisions of the jury are final and binding without right of appeal.

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Manufacturer of finished products Ingredient supplier Distributor
Contract Manufacturer Other

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ISCC & HPCI India 2020

New Horizons in Cosmetic Industry

There will be one award category:

The Innovation Zone Best Ingredient Awards are given to honor the development of a novel active or functional ingredient featured on the Innovation Zone.
These ingredients must combine innovative science and product features in a way that demonstrates substantial benefits to manufacturers and to end-users when compared to existing ingredients.

Three prizes will be given in the category: Gold, Silver and Bronze.

The jury(2019):

  • Mr. Jayachand – Cosmetic technologits and expert
  • Mr. Ravi Kamat – Leader in contract manufacturing
  • Dr. Vijay Bambulkar – Regulatory & social responsibility
  • Dr. Renuka Thergaonkar – Technology & consultant for leading market references
  • Ms. Asha Hariharan – Color cosmetic expert