Liquid Colorants for Personal Care and Color Cosmetics

Recently I came across an interesting term, “The lipstick effect” coined by Mr. Leonard Lauder, former Estée Lauder chairman, following the bursting sales of Lipstick, during the recession in 2000’s. He realized that, in situations like economic slowdown, women are likely to buy products, like lipstick, instead of other costlier luxury items. While this is an insightful case study from economic perspective; it is also is an interesting testament to Psychological effect of colors on human brain to stimulate feelings of well-being, happiness etc. This soft power of colour, has frequently been harnessed in personal care and colour cosmetic industry.

From chemistry perspective of colors, they can be broadly classified in two categories: Organic and Inorganic colorants. Organic colorants will have carbon atoms and their source can be natural or synthetic organic chemistry, ex. Phytoanthocyanine etc. Inorganic pigments are almost exclusively based on oxide, oxide hydroxide, sulfide, silicate, sulfate, or carbonate, for ex. Titanium oxide etc. Inorganic pigments are preferred in formulations as they are cheaper and consistent in performance. They are available conventionally in powder form from manufacturers.

Formulators and chemist today, are promptly involved in switching its conventional options for sustainable alternatives. It is only appropriate, that these solutions are available with added advantages of being time, energy and cost effecient, without compromising on quality and performance. We at Soujanya colors understand these requirements, and are pleased to introduce our range of Liquid Colorants for Home and personal Care. Conventionally, powder colorants like dye, lakes & pigments, have been used for imparting colour to the formulation. They come with set of challenges like:

Physical form: They are quite fluffy in nature and hence are difficult to handle. This increases risk of fly-off, weighing and transferring the colorants, to ensure dosage added in the final product. A risk of spillage, wastage or incorrect colour composition is always possible.

Solubility & Compatibility: Powder colorants like lakes and pigments can’t be incorporated directly in desired medium such as shampoo or Lipstick etc. When added without milling and dispersing, they tend to float on top or settle at bottom of the formulation. An added step of creating dispersion is inevitable. This is time and energy consuming process. Sometime, customers have an added step of creating master color batches, which are then added in system at specific dosage

Particle size distribution: Introducing colorants like lake and pigment directly in formulation, can pose a grave risk of uneven color distribution due to lump formation. They can some time appear as patchy or streaks in finished formulations.

Developing Customized shades: Combining different colorants, in order to create a customized shade becomes all the more challenging with powder colorants. This can sometimes companies end up with huge inventory of different color and their shades.

Risk of Toxicity and staining: Chemist/ Technician handling these colorants are at risk of inhaling and staining their hands, skin & clothes during experimentation and production. This is over exposure can be hazardous to humans and environment alike.

Inventory and machinery: Personal care manufacturing facilities are required to maintain a huge inventory of colors along with resins, additives etc. In addition to, they sometimes need to invest in machinery for colorants, where they prepare master batch, which will be used to impart color to their production batches. This demands investment of time, space and heavy capital from manufacturers. This can be eliminated completely by using liquid colorants.

Powder Red Pigment for Personal care, Soap and Color cosmetics

We intend to provide a sustainable and consistent solution, with our range of Liquid Colorants for home and personal care Industry. These are prepared with our niche milling and grinding technology, to provide best in class pigment and dye preparation. Here is why our products are favoured globally:

Ease of use: Liquid colorants are easy to use, as they don’t have any risk of fly-off. They can be measured with high accuracy and can be transferred from one container to another with relative ease.

Safe to use: Liquid colorants are much safer to use compared to powder colorants which cause dusting, inhalation hazard (breathing issues) etc. They are safe to handle and use during manufacturing operations and storage too.

Superior milling technology: Our milling technology is best in class globally. Milling helps us in reducing particle size, so as to increase the surface area of the colorant. This allows us to get maximum pigmentation from small dosage. We use sophisticated milling equipment like Vertical and horizontal bead mill. Our grinding media is Yittria Stabilized Zirconium Silicate beads. These beads are white in color and have diameter of 0.6 mm. This allow us to deliver products, with critical properties like apt rheology profile, particle size, coloristic values, dispersion stability, consistently. As a result, you can get following benefits:

o Uniform particle size: Fine and narrow particle size distribution, ensures uniform distribution throughout the system with no sedimentation.
o Shade consistency: The through milling process ensures predictable consistent color strength for replicable results every time.
o Higher strength: High surface area of milled and dispersed colorants gives max tinting strength and full chroma. This allows to, achieve desired shade even at low dosage.

Yittria Stabilized Zirconium Silicate beads

Wide Compatibility: Single colorant can be used in different formulations. For ex. Our Carbon black is available in water dispersed, oil dispersed and emollient dispersed medium, for easy incorporation in different formulations like eyeliner, kohl stick & nail lacquers.

Developing customized shades: Developing customized shades with liquid colorants is much easier and allows you to active numerous shades with basic colors and thus help managing inventory in better way. In addition to, we can provide formulation for developing your desired shade, thereby reducing the development time.

Significant energy cost and time saving: Liquid colorants eliminates steps in production, like preparing dispersions or master batches etc. It can thus help companies to significantly reduce process, machinery and time for coloring your formulation.

Global Compliance: Our products are complaint to the global standards. Hence, toxicological safety is assured. We are offering a range of low VOC, APE Free, heavy metal free (lead free and chrome free), solvent free solution. We are affiliated with ISO 9001:2015, ISO 1400:2015 & ISO 45001: 2018. In addition to, all ingredients used in our pigment dispersions are deemed to be fit to use as per Cosmetic regulation (EC) No 1223/2009

Metered dosing: Metered or automated dosing of the colorant incorporation during production is possible only with liquid colorants. This gives consistent color in every batch without any spillage or disarray.

Neon Green Pigment Vs. Neon Green Pigment Dispersion

We have four different range of colorants to suit your requirement, based on the medium. We have four product lines for Colorants in HPC segment:

3600 Auratone: range of water-based pigment dispersions used in bar soaps, shampoo, laundry detergents, color cosmetics etc.

6600 Aurablush: range of castor oil-based pigment dispersions used in color cosmetics / make-up products, skin care, sun care etc.

6660 Aurablush NL: range of anhydrous emollient-based pigment dispersions used in nail lacquer, depilatory wax, temporary hair color wax, candles etc.

3700 Auratint: range of liquid dyes used in personal wash, shower gel, face wash, dish wash liquids, fabric softeners etc.

With this broad product portfolio, we can address coloring needs for all the applications in the HPC segment. You can select from our range as per your formulation. In addition to, our extensive team of chemists from technical lab and shade matching lab are always available to assist you for formulation/ shade development related issue. Do consider our range of colorants, for your existing and next formulations.

Summary: Liquid colorants are much better compared to conventional powder colorants. They are easy-to-use, safe-to-use and are time, cost and energy efficient. Our superior milling technology ensures even particle size distribution and high chroma for achieving desired shade with less dosage. Four range of colorants from Soujanya Color Pvt Ltd., in different mediums can help you to select suitable colorants for your formulations.

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