A Way forward to Trends with Multifunctional Japanese Ingredients…..

Today, consumers’ pursuit for ‘clean’ beauty reflects a widespread cross generational movement for healthy products in all walks of life, driven by social media where Instagram is influencing millennials to adopt these habits into their own lives. In case of hair care, benefits to the scalp are being preferred. Along with makeup and other beauty products, skin care regimens are also on people's radars. The preference is now shifting towards having ingredients catering multiple efficacies in smaller packs, with more organic and plant derived sources resulting in inventory control along with lesser impact on the environment.

This brings about great opportunity for brands to innovate, develop new product designs and marketing strategies keeping in mind the situation we are under and the limitations it brings. The savvy consumer expects a well-performing product hence; multifunction claims can be achieved from simple to complex formulations. The alignment with safety, stability testing, regulatory, scale-up functions during the development is of utmost importance for a winning formula.

We believe that progress is impossible without change, keeping all of this in mind we have selected ingredient and formulation offerings for concepts such as:

Development of new product/concepts is a collaborative process. This not only involves the generation of concept but, also the most integral part that is the ingredients used in the recipe. We at WCC are here to not only provide you with the most suited and skin/hair/scalp friendly/ Color cosmetic ingredients but also support you in terms of claims and concepts and formulary support.

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