Coptis new cosmetic regulatory database. Coptis Reg, a global comprehensive regulatory database to ensure compliance in house

With over two decades of innovation as a leading provider of cosmetic R&D software solutions, Coptis is excited to introduce our newest product - Coptis Reg!

From product formulation, all the way to labelling, small businesses and large companies face the same issues in terms of regulatory requirements.

By using Coptis PLM solution coupled with a regulatory database, gives every actor of a product development access to the information they require. With Coptis Reg, formulators have access to validated, detailed and continuously updated cosmetic regulatory data, they are able to perform regulatory checks in the most effective way. When equipped with Coptis Reg, integrated with Coptis Lab PLM solution, the product team can assess the compliance of a formula in real-time.

Coptis Reg, cosmetic regulatory compliance database, features:

  • Ingredient restrictions by countries and zones (Americas, EMEA, APAC).

  • Validated data by professionals covering as many as 100 countries

  • Detailed information: percentage of use, applications, country and original source of data …

  • Updates as regulatory data becomes available

  • Real time alerts to visually identify formula noncompliance on Coptis Lab software

  • With today's latest technology, ensuring that every requirement is met can be done in-house.