Coptis Software Solution

Coptis is a software company offering many solutions for cosmetic R&D labs, including OEM/ODM and ingredient suppliers. We have more than 20 years of experience in the personal care market, helping both international and independent brands to improve their work efficiencies. Our headquarters is in France Paris, and we also have offices in New York and Singapore. Over the years, our focus has always been 100% on the personal care market and thus providing excellence in our solutions.

Jonathan Coeur
Chief Operating Officer, Global
Coptis Asia Pte Ltd

1. Please elaborate on Coptis Software Solutions cosmetics formulation & regulatory compliance software?

Coptis Software Solutions allow you to access, centralize and manage all your R&D and Regulatory data/documents on Raw Materials, Formulations (e.g. generation of ingredient list, COA and PIF), Tests, QC, Toxicology and Regulations, saving you at least 30% of your time. Currently, 400+ labs with over 5000 formulators are utilising our solutions globally.

2. Coptis experts regularly conduct training, can you share some updates or information on any upcoming sessions?

Indeed, Coptis offers training frequently for our users so they can learn about our latest features and provide us with feedback for improvements.
For training, we have multiple forms of training, such as on-site training, online training and even a hybrid version with a video learning platform. It is also part of our proactive approach to the current situation with interruptions brought by covid.

We do have a very exciting release coming up very shortly with new updates to our software, and thus new training sessions. Do stay tuned for more information or visit our website for the latest updates.

3. Can you highlight which industries Coptis Solutions caters to & at the same time work best for?

Coptis has put our 100% focus on the personal care market, helping companies like Shiseido, Croda and Clarins to improve their work productivities in their R&D product development. Our Coptis software solutions have helped Regulatory team to ensure compliance in-house, formulators to manage and centralise all their R&D documentation and even provide specifications and testing capabilities for QA and QC teams. Lastly, the Packaging team also benefited from our Coptis Lab software using packaging and finished product modules.

4. What are the distinctive products and services that you are planning to offer to the consumer to augment their experience in the home and personal care sector?

Currently, Coptis has our main product – Coptis Lab which is a PLM software that provides all necessary features for product developers to work proactively. On top of that, we have 3 databases, Coptis Ingredients, Coptis Regulation and Coptis Toxicology. Coptis Ingredient is an ingredient database that allows users to explore the latest and innovative ingredients released in the market for their R&D innovation.
Coptis Regulation allow users to ensure compliance in-house with real-time updated regulations.

5. Few thoughts on the constant change in the demand of the raw materials & the challenges faced to maintain the research & development, quality control & regulatory terms?

The rapid and constant changes in research and development are indeed the reason why we have Coptis Ingredients and Regulatory database. Coptis Ingredients allow users to keep up with the latest released ingredients and monitor the demand for such to gain a competitive advantage. Whereas Coptis Reg allows individuals to cope with the ever-changing regulations and ensure quality is met.

6. What changes have the industry witnessed overall in terms of formulation technologies and modernisation over the last few years?

As we move towards a more digitalised world, many have adopted the use of technologies to improve the way they work. The growth and adoption of formulation technologies can be seen in the rising number of players in this industry. The benefits of incorporating technologies into the workplace are vast and many are willing to embrace this new change in the way they work, although some are still hesitant to make the switch. Nonetheless, we do believe that technologies and digitalisation will be the next game-changer for the personal care industry.

7. Within the global context, where is India placed in terms of emerging as a hub for manufacturing for the home and personal care Industry?

We definitely see a huge potential for the Indian market, and this is also why we have put a lot of attention into expanding ourselves in India. India is one of our highest priorities given the number of opportunities and potential for growth. The show that was just held in April, HPCI Mumbai, was a great success for us and we are planning to have more in the upcoming years.

About Jonathan Coeur, Chief Operating Officer, Global at Coptis Asia Pte Ltd

With more than 10 years of combined experience in R&D, Sales & Marketing of Finished goods, Raw materials and data management software solutions, he has been instrumental in optimizing laboratories with proactive technological solutions for the global cosmetic industry. His activity enables companies to achieve speed to market while ensuring global regulatory compliance and reliability of information. Holder of a Master's degree in Biotechnology engineering, Jonathan has been working at Coptis Software Solutions since 2012 first as a Sales Engineer, followed by Business Development Manager then as Managing Director Asia - Pacific Branch and now as Global Chief Operating Officer