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Rsonal Dyes & Chemicals is a leading manufacturer of High Purity Iron Oxides, Aluminium lake Colours , offering Ultramarine Pigment Range , Customized Pearlescent pigments for Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics and Food industries .

Rsonal signature product High Purity Iron Oxides represents the most comprehensive palette of Yellow, Red, Black & Brown shades available in the market today .

High Purity Iron Oxides & Aluminium lake Colours Developed to meet the most stringent Pharmacopoeia standards and are manufactured as per Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) and are ultimate color choice for Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics applications where complete regulatory compliance is essential.

Introducing ZINOX

ZINOX –PURE is 99.9% High Purity Zinc Oxide offered under RSONAL brand is produced as per USFDA specifications meeting stringent Heavy Metal which qualifies the quality for Cosmetics , Pharmaceuticals & Food Supplement product .

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