PHOTOLITE- A Cosmetic Photochrome!!

Conventional grade of Titanium Dioxide helps covering imperfections and reflects light for brightness results unnaturally white face in outdoors where the intensity of light is strong. In addition, pigmentary titanium dioxide reflects sunlight and spot light which is used for providing high coverage in finished product of base make-ups.

With this finding as the inspiration, we are introducing a Functional Powder for foundation that changes color: it darkens outdoors where the light is strong and brightens indoors resulting in natural and even beauty.

A Photochromic Titanium Dioxide PHOTOLITE, is a unique functional pigment that can change color density depending upon its light environment. The color of the compound becomes darker upon UV light irradiation and returns to its original color without irradiation.

When PHOTOLITE is exposed to a light source of 370nm, the titanium dioxide is activated and valance state changes by photocatalytic action. Therefore, the appearance of PHOTOLITE becomes darker. Complete recovery of the color is observed without light irradiation.

This is effective in protection against UV-A and also against NIR- which is in trend due to its main concern of Photo-ageing


  • Adjusts skin color after exposure to sunlight making the skin tone complexion looking even and not over whitish by absorbing UV -A.
  • NIR protection
  • Blue light protection
  • Prevents photo-ageing


  • Tinted Sunscreens
  • Tinted Creams
  • Foundations
  • Day creams

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