Campo Research – Discover Our Innovative Natural Ingredients


Extensive research in our USA laboratories has provided a breakthrough in skincare technology. We have discovered that the enzymes found in the Songyi Mushroom are an effective natural skin-whitening / brightening agent. Used regularly, the enzymes penetrate the skin to gives a fairer, clearer complexion, with wrinkle reduction. CLINICALLY PROVEN!


Ayurvedic herbs are a key component of Ayurveda, the traditional practice of medicine of India. The knowledge of medicinal plants used is well known for its culture and tradition. The science of Ayurveda had utilized many herbs and floras for beautification and protection from external factors. The natural content such as nutrients and many useful minerals are abundant in the herbs.


A Novel Honeysuckle Flower Buds Non-Ionic Emulsifying Botanical Propolis. Campo Botanical Propolis, a Natural Botanical Emulsifier derived from Honeysuckle Flower Buds, is a resinous mixture available as in Stiff Soft Wax and as Liquid Wax which exudes honeysuckle flower buds' sweet syrup sap.


Traditional siddha medicinal botanical herbs that exhibits safe discoloration or safe coloration on hair, skin, lips and eye area without irritation nor allergies. It has long-lasting colorful effects and photo protection with vegan classification and botanical DNA core identity. It contains no aqua-water pollutants, EU 86+ allergens and IFRA allergens (50th Amendment).


Campo Plantservative is a successful example of green chemistry and the great potential present in every plant, waiting to be tapped into with modern green chemistry techniques. Produced from wildly cropped honeysuckle, without the use of any synthetic substances, it contains novel phytochemicals with broad spectrum antimicrobial properties.