ISCC Conference at HPCI 2022: Trends 3.0: Game Changer in the Cosmetic Industry

The past two years have been difficult ones for the Cosmetic Industry. Our time in lockdown has forced us to change the way we look at and buy Cosmetic and Personal Care products. This years’ ISCC conference theme - Trends 3.0: Game Changer in the Cosmetic Industry, focusses on how we can deal with Constant Change in an ever evolving world, and, New Technology that is central to the way we have adapted to the new way of life and work.

The ISCC Conference at HPCI 2022 gives us insights on a range of trending topics. From how Cosmetics are being formulated and how brands are making use of Artificial Intelligence to get data on what, why and how consumers are buying, to how digital marketing has become the norm, and how E-commerce has grown and will continue to grow in the coming years.

During the pandemic, consumers had the time to evaluate their needs and became mindful of conscious consumption and purpose driven products. It became very necessary for Brands to showcase technology advancements which catered to these needs of the consumer, and there has been a lot of innovative work done during this period.

The ISCC conference will have presentations showcasing some of these innovative products, as well as Sustainability and Packaging trends. As Artificial Intelligence has become a key factor in consumer understanding and brand decision making it is necessary for us to give this subject its due in the conference. Also there is a heightened awareness amongst consumers about the safety aspects of cosmetic products. This concern will be addressed in the ISCC workshop on Safety Evaluation of Cosmetics on Day 2 of the conference.

Monisha Mullick
President, ISCC