Campo Research – A leader in natural ingredients

Campo Research Group offers EthnoBotany and Botanical collections; in addition, growing, harvesting and extraction, and processing of natural product chemistry in both bulk multi-tonnage and R&D bench-scale quantities of natural colours, natural plant-based preservatives, natural active ingredients and many new novel, bio-phyto based molecules for the cosmetic and personal care industries. Campo Research facilities are strategically located in Brazil, India, China, Malaysia, the Czech Republic and in the United States, to service the cosmetics and personal care industry with natural and unique green active ingredients.

Campo Research is proud to introduce natural, phyto-based functional active-cosmetic ingredients such as Songyi Mushroom Extract (for skin brightening, skin-lightening), Pearl Extract (for sunscreen & moisturizing), Kinetin (isolated from young coconut juice for anti-wrinkle and anti-oxidant), DMAE (extracted from the Mexican skin tree – Mimosa Tenuiflora for anti-oxidant), Alpha-Lipoic Acid (extracted from vegetal source for anti-oxidant), Coffee Oil (for sunscreen), PLANTSERVATIVE (Natural Plant based Broad Spectrum Preservative) and Siddha Medico Botanical Extract (Natural Colorant).

Among more than 1000 active and functional ingredients from CAMPO RESEARCH, there are innovative natural ingredients from exotic plants from China, India, Australia, Amazon Rainforest and Tropical Forests like Fruits Enzymes, Neem Oil, Licorice Glabridin, Phyto-Pseudo-P53, Bio-Coenzyme Q10, Plant Collagen Extract, Herbal Placental Extract and Vegetal Cholesterol Extract.