Substantiating hydration-related claims for skin care products

Trying to find a way to substantiate claims related to hydration for your skin care products? The hydration probe in the DermaLab system could be of help.

The DermaLab is a scientific skin analysis system developed and manufactured by Cortex Technology in Denmark. The hydration probe is one of the probe options available as part of the system.

Cortex’s hydration probe works based on conductance to accurately assess the water binding capacity in the stratum corneum. It has a special spring-loaded mechanism to make sure that a constant pressure is exerted by the operator during every test. This helps ensure that the hydration of only the stratum corneum is recorded and no error is induced from the layers underneath. Since conductance is the underlying principle, the DermaLab hydration probe represents skin hydration in terms of microSiemens, the universal unit for conductance. Here’s a sample report of hydration measurements obtained from the DermaLab system.

The hydration probe is available in two variations: flat-faced and pin-based. The flat-faced hydration probe is used to evaluate areas where the skin surface is soft and smooth. In addition, it can also be used for certain special applications such as assessment of infants or the hydration of lips. On the other hand, the pin hydration probe is especially effective in hairy surfaces as it can penetrate through the hair strands and evaluate the hydration of the skin underneath. For example, the pin-based probe can be used to see how the hydration levels of the scalp are affected by a shampoo, conditioner, or serum.

You can get an idea of how the hydration probe from Cortex Technology works from this YouTube video:

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