Bioferments in Cosmetics

Fermentation is the transformation of a substance in the absence of oxygen and under the influence of microorganisms. Fermentation is basically an enzymatically controlled process that breaks down energy-rich compounds, e.g., carbohyd­rates, into other, simpler substances such as carbon dioxide and alcohol, or organic acid. Microorg­anisms such as yeast and bacteria usually play a role in fermentation, as their enzymes decompose organic compounds.

Fermentation has been used in food for thousands of years. For example, yeast is used to ferment sugar in grapes to make wine, and bacteria are used to produce vinegar. In India too, we find in our mythological treatises about its application. Food like Idli & Dosa were prepared using fermentation. It is also an effective method to preserve food, which was very useful centuries ago, before the first fridges!

Recently, fermented foods such as kombucha, kimchi, and kefir, became popular thanks to the public awareness of the importance of intestinal flora for general well-being and health. The virtues of fermentation within the human body are therefore well known.

Nowadays, the interest in fermentation has also started to reach skincare and cosmetics.

The cosmetics industry is always looking for innovation, and fermentation products will likely become the world trend of tomorrow. While mankind has revived the ancient yet scientif­ically advanced concept of fermentation, it, in turn, can reinvigorate the glow and texture of the skin, among other benefits.

Ferments such as probiotics, enzymes, bacteria, or yeast have been used in cosmetics for years. Indeed, the enzymes help to maintain our skin microbiome, the cutaneous microbial flora which consists of more than 500 different species of microorganisms that are multiplying every day on our skin.

This variety is crucial in the good balance of the skin and allows it to be better protected against external aggressions. Because, the less varied the skin microbial flora is, the more the unwanted pathologies can settle, including eczema or acne. By forming a protective barrier against external aggressions, inflammation, infections, and other skin diseases, the skin microbiome can, in the long term, help the skin to remain better and to be better protected. The microbiome is, indeed, an important part of the skin’s barrier function and plays an essential role in the good health of the epidermis.

A balanced microbiome means that the skin looks healthy, radiant and regenerates itself better. When it’s weak and damaged, it can provoke dryness, sensibility, breakouts, and other skin conditions.

In short, the ferments in cosmetics help to stimulate natural skin defenses. They can also be used to purify acne-prone skin, to help rebuild the skin barrier of the sensitized skin, or to protect the skin from pollution thanks to their antioxidant properties.

Bio-fermented products for cosmetic and personal care applications employ the principles of fermentation, which allows for the isolation and concentration of various phytochemicals. Fermentation has been regarded as both traditional art and modern science.

The bioavailability of actives is increased by utilizing the modern benefits of fermentation. Ingredients that provide increased skin and hair affinity are taking center stage in the cosmetic industry.

Bio-fermented ingredients incorporated into beauty products can provide increased skin and hair affinity. For cosmetics, fermented ingredients are more symbiotic with the skin and support skin functions without disrupting natural processes making the ingredients less likely to cause sensitivity in skincare applications.

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Vinay Kumar Singh


Kumar Organic Products Research Centre Pvt. Ltd.,

Bangalore, India