The Fusion of Beauty & Tech: Personal Care Ingredient Apps and Their Growing Importance

The personal care industry is one of the most lucrative spaces to be in. The need for beauty and cosmetics products is soaring and how! The industry seems to be on a roll and shows no signs of slowing down. However, to keep up with consumer preferences and growing demands for innovation, the cosmetic product manufacturers in India and people in the personal care space have to constantly be on their feet and provide their consumers with the most effective products and solutions.

Whether you believe it or not, technology is now playing an important role in the personal care industry. Beauty and tech are brewing a strong chemistry amongst themselves and have complemented each other well. Those in production and manufacturing who recognize the importance of tech in beauty will be able to cut through the clutter, pave the way for innovation, stand out in the overcrowded personal care market whilst delivering value to their customers.

What is a Personal Care Ingredient App?

A unique invention in the personal care industry, ingredient apps let manufacturers and formulators of personal care products analyze ingredients, their uses, applications, and assist them with their product formulation needs.

The Need for Using an Ingredient App

Trapped in homes amidst nationwide lockdowns, the pandemic forced people to slow down and take a good look at their everyday routines, health, and well-being. Most beauty experts predicted an extreme downfall in consumers’ interest towards personal care products. They believed extended quarantines and the sudden halt in social lives will affect consumers' buying decisions, for they may start to believe that “no one’s seeing me anyway”. Contrary to experts’ opinions, the exact opposite of their assumptions happened.

Consumers started paying more attention to the products they use and found themselves deeply invested in the ingredients and composition of said products. They became curious to know how a product will work for them, which active ingredients would work best for their skin type and whether or not they are derived from natural and organic ingredients. The conscious consumer became more conscious. From reading product labels to checking ingredients for good and bad substances, consumers became more aware and opinionated about the choices they made.

Another factor that fuelled consumers’ obsession with ingredients were major beauty trends in the industry like the clean beauty movements and vegan beauty. The whole focus and narrative for personal care, beauty, and cosmetic products changed in the consumer’s mind. Beauty became more than just looking good to actually feeling good. It elevated from its superficial aspects to having healthy skin, hair, and body care regimes.

Benefits of Using a Personal Care Ingredient App

1. Ingredient apps help you understand different ingredients, their composition, uses, and application. They assist you in making an informed decision about the most important aspect of your product.

2. Having adequate knowledge about your ingredients, where they came from, and how they were formulated can help you convey the same product information to your users in detail thereby motivating them to buy from you.

3. An ingredient app helps you in making the right choice when it comes to deciding the nature of ingredients you should use for the formulation of your personal care product.

4. Ingredient apps encompass a world of knowledge that you could easily rely on. This includes technical, regulatory, environmental, legal, and ethical norms of product formulations that you may or may not be familiar with.

Hence using an ingredient app is sure to benefit your business and help you formulate products that are loved by consumers and those that are safe to use.

How We Can Help You

We are personal care raw material suppliers in India specializing in providing natural ingredients to help aid the beauty, cosmetic and personal care product manufacturers by offering a myriad range of actives, exotic oils, butter, and waxes that add significant value to the formulation process.

With an utmost focus on assisting manufacturers of the beauty and cosmetic industry while keeping the needs of the consumers in mind, we have developed a dedicated Chemical Brothers Personal Care Mobile app to help you understand the composition of personal care ingredients ranging from skincare to haircare, color cosmetics, bath & body, suncare, and oral care. The extensive selection options are based upon various aspects such as pH, temperature, aesthetics, activity, compliance, etc., making it easy for you to select the right ingredients for your personal care and cosmetics formulation needs.

You can easily download Chemical Brothers Personal Care App from the App Store & Google Play store and browse through the ingredients in the palm of your hand.

Being avid supporters of the clean beauty movement we truly believe in providing safe and soothing natural personal care ingredients to our clients. We deliver an extensive range of self-care and personal care ingredients loaded with the goodness of super-foods and natural extracts such as coffee seeds, almonds, walnuts, argan and hemp seed, green tea, pomegranate extracts, lemon, basil and so much more.

We are proud to be a leading third-party cosmetic manufacturing company in India. Our commitment towards sustainability and responsibility towards the environment guides us in offering solutions that are a combination of carefully thought ingredients, completely free from questionable ingredients and toxic substances.