Valida – Fibrillated Cellulose

Valida is a renewable material - natural cellulose, the most abundant organic material on earth. Valida contains the smallest component of cellulose - cellulose fibrils.

Cellulose fibers are mechanically processed down to their smallest components, cellulose fibrils, while maintaining their length.
The product is a multifunctional bio-based additives and it can be used in aqueous systems, oil in water emulsions, serums, creams, as well as coloured formulations.
The cellulose fibrils (Valida S+) form an extensive 3D network, capable of stabilizing all of the suspended particles in the process, when suspended in water.
Valida’s unique stabilising property relies on its strong physical network & it’s large surface area.

Benefits of Valida



Skin care products
    • Sunscreens
    • Under eye creams
    • Hand creams
    • Moisturizing cream and lotions
Hair care products
    • Shampoos
    • Hair masks
    • Conditioners