The skin microbiome as a beauty concept is challenging current perceptions about the role of bacteria in the skin. The market currently is focused on offering prebiotic and probiotic solutions. Approach to microbiome in personal care can range from cleansers, moisturizers to mists, serums, and sprays products. Above all, there is still space for innovation and also to redefine certain established products.

We introduce a specially derivatized ARGININE as a unique prebiotic humectant compound that helps balancing surface microbiome with selective approach along with multidimensional complete care benefits.

Amitose R closely adsorbs to skin (stratum corneum) and damaged parts of hair (anionic feature) thanks to “Ionic bond” from guanidino group in arginine in addition to “Hydrogen bond” from hydroxyl group in glyceryl group. That is why it is difficult to rinse off, and moisturizing effect continues for a long time. In case of hair care, it penetrates into inner of hair because of its low-molecular weight, and keeps moisture.

Amitose R is a multi-dimensional Skin, Hair and Scalp care active:


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