Boosting B2B Business in Digital Media

This is the age of social media platforms. Influencer marketers are ruling the roost and bringing a new energy and marketing edge to grow business in the HPCI segment. Shweta Purandare reveals more in this column…


Recently Influencer marketing came into focus with the Advertising Standards Council of India releasing “Guideline for Influencer advertising in digital media”. In a B2C context, getting celebrities and/or influencers to promote a product or a service appears like a straightforward approach. There are several influencer management agencies having hundreds of mini / micro influencers in their lists. They offer a range of activities for social media engagement and a rate card, too, for the type of content (either provided by the advertiser or created by the influencer), frequency of posts etc. Instagram, Facebook and YouTube are among the top social media platforms of choice for B2C brands to leverage influencer engagement.

If you are a B2B brand, you may be in a dilemma whether Social Media marketing and influencer engagement in particular, would help in growing your business.

Timing is just perfect for B2B businesses to use disruptive methods to reach their potential buyers. With conferences and exhibitions being curtailed due to COVID, B2B businesses have found newer ways of reaching their buyers. Virtual conferences and webinars have played a crucial role for B2B businesses to remain “top of mind” with their potential clients. However, it is no match to personal networking and face to face interactions in Pre-COVID days.

It is high time that B2B businesses that have been shying away from Social Media, take the plunge! First and foremost is to have a functional web-site and then test the waters by being present on select social media platform/s. Next step is to amplify messaging with the help of right set of influencers and executing an optimal influencer outreach program. B2B influencer space is niche and requires industry specific approach.

Home and Personal Care Ingredients (HPCI) B2B players stand to gain by embracing influencer strategy as they cater to a segment that is growing, thanks to the digital media boom. It has also witnessed success of small start-up brands amid the COVID-19 pandemic when consumers shifted from their normal shopping habits to e-commerce / online shopping. Influencers, big and small, were roped in to boost D2C sales and some of the HPC brands also gave traditional market leaders a run for their money.

Covid-19 has catapulted us into newer ways of doing things, fast forwarding us in digital future. The sooner we adapt to these changes, the better it is for sustaining business growth and momentum.

About the Author - Shweta Purandare, Founder, Tap-a-Gain

Utilising the expertise and experience gained over 28 years during her stellar career in renowned companies and rich experience as the Secretary General of the Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI), Ms. Purandare recently launched Tap-a-Gain, a boutique consultancy firm to offer niche service in the world of advertising.

Ms. Purandare is an accomplished Corporate Communications professional in leadership roles with experience in enhancing the organization’s Corporate brand reputation and visibility among key stakeholders, be it consumers, industry or Government Authorities and regulators. At ASCI, she steered its transformation over a period of eight years wherein MOUs were established with key regulators such as Department of Consumer Affairs, FSSAI, Ministry of AYUSH and interactions with the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.

Ms. Purandare is an extremely versatile, multi-faceted professional having extensive experience in product evaluation, product endorsements, advertising claim support, regulatory compliance, Government affairs, Social Media strategy, Grievance redressal and consumer advisory services. Her experience spans over multiple sectors such as FMCG, Beautycare, Personal Hygiene, Home care, OTC/ Healthcare, Food and Beverages. She was also the Scientific Director at L’Oreal India heading their product evaluation Centre and Consumer Complaint department. She was a Regulatory and External Relations expert at Procter & Gamble India.

If you are an advertiser, agency or a small business owner, you may reach Tap-a-Gain for guidance on Social Media Strategy as well as getting your advertising and social media communication “First time right” and compliant with advertising regulations.
Some of the services in the repertoire of Tap-a-Gain are –
• Corporate Communication and Social Media content strategy
• Product performance communication and Claim validation
• Due Diligence for Influencer advertising and Celebrity endorsements
• Digital and Social Media Compliance
• Advertising and related Regulatory compliance,

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