Home & Personal Care: A blooming chapter in the story of wellness.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought along some dynamic changes to the world and has entirely changed the outlook of humans towards safety. As a result, people are now adapting to newer lifestyles that were only followed by a handful of people earlier.

This development has brought along a fresh set of opportunities for the industries that function towards the wellness of society and have expanded the scope of business for segments such as Home & Personal Care.

At Rossari Biotech Ltd., we have been on the frontline of this drastic momentum shift and have been able to capitalize on this situation owing to our wide range of wellness products like disinfectants, sanitizers and more.

We have always focused on endorsing and promoting a safe and healthy tomorrow. We are turning our consumer insights & scientific understanding into distinctive solutions for pursuing cleaner and healthier today and tomorrow for all in all clean and healthy environs. Our product range under our Home & Personal Care segment is segregated into purpose-driven solutions that include:

Personal hygiene products: Hand wash and Sanitizers, Disinfectants, Soaps, Kitchen Cleaners, Detergent Powder & Bar (Cake).
Performance enhancers: Enzymes, Dispersant or Dispersing agents, Brightness Improvers.
Cleaning solutions: Antimicrobial Spray, Deep Cleaning agents, Surface and Floor Cleaners

As customization and agile culture are the heart of our business, we focus on bringing the best solutions from our expertise instead of giving our customers the versions available in the market. Our prime goal is to meet our customers’ expectations by providing personalized products that act as an ultimate solution to their problems.

We also utilize our immense knowledge and findings from our Center of Excellence to mine the product strengths that suit different applications without losing its core properties and ensuring the best quality.

With our 4 core business pillars of Surfactants, Enzymes, Acrylic Polymers and Silicones, we are putting applying intelligent chemistry to everything that we do at Rossari Biotech and with our recent acquisition of Unitop and Tristar Intermediaries, we are headed towards new possibilities where we are willing to leverage these chemistries to upgrade, innovate and expand.

These acquisitions also mark a new era in the history of Rossari Biotech making us a force to reckon with.

At both our manufacturing powerhouses at Dahej and Silvassa, we have complemented the state-of-the-art machinery with the best-in-class infrastructure to enhance our production capacity with a hunger to meet the market’s demand.

We believe, that with everything blended together, we shall emerge stronger, better and brighter in the Home & Personal Care segment.