SMALL PACK SIZE ingredients– WCC supporting the crucial market necessity

Covid 19 had a great impact on all business segments & economy. This has given rise to many new normal in beauty industry wherein the consumers as well as the manufacturers now make mindful investments in case of finished product or raw material procurement. Mindful investment not only relates to the cost but also considers various parameters like management of inventory, time, energy, possibility of success with no. of launches, low-risk, high-value ingredients etc .

Following these, there has been a tremendous increase in the demand for small pack size considerations for raw material procurement by manufacturers.

Major categories of specialty ingredients required by manufacturers


Issues with Conventionals

Our concepts –an edge over conventionals

In line with the Trends


Harshness, dryness after rinse-off, leaves skin vulnerable to irritation

Amino acid based mild surfactants- types: anionic, non-ionic, ionic, cationic

Safe , Biodegradable, Sulfate free, mild yet effective cleansing, gives good foaming & conditioning


Instability over a period of time, restrictions with HLB & pH range

Natural origin emulsifiers - types: anionic and non-ionic with greater Salt tolerance & long HLB range, stable at wide pH

Safe, natural , sustainable, can be used comfortably with pH sensitive actives (examples – vitamin C & AHA formulations)


underperformance, loss of formulation viscosity

Skin original moisturizers - prevention of Trans epidermal water loss (TEWL), improves skin elasticity ; maintains the original viscosity of formulations

Paraben Free; Well-ageing ; skin & hair essentials; long lasting moisturization


Imparts heavy feel & stickiness to the formulation : non-desirable

Natural origin - provides emolliency along with barrier damage repair & healing; ease of formulating

Beauty & wellness ; variety in Sensorials; minimalism


Restrictions with respect to compatibility with different ingredients from formulation

Rheology modifiers that not only work for water but also for oil, alcohol, polyols, silicones etc.


Transparency, possibility of creating various textured formulations; minimalism


Mostly organic type - associated to various health concerns

Aqueous dispersions of inorganic UV filters– non patchy; good water repellency

Safe, high SPF, PA values, excellent sensorials, one product for all skin types


Underperformance ; safety concerns; use of no. of ingredients for getting results

Plant proteins, natural extracts , vitamin C derivatives, collagen, ceramide, scrubbing agents , anti-oxidants & a wide range of other functional actives that work on various therapeutic areas

Multifunctional, effective, Safe, Natural , Synthetic, hybrid


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