AICMA All India Cosmetic Manufacturers' Association Stand 122

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Website: www.aicma.in
AICMA (ALL INDIA COSMETIC MANUFACTURERS’ ASSOCIATION) is a cosmetic manufacturers’ and allied industry association. It is in service of industry since 1964.
The Association was founded in 1964 by a few likeminded people who had started manufacturing cosmetic products to back up the ‘Swadeshi Movement and was registered in 1977 under the Societies Act. Currently, registered under Section 25 of the Companies Act 1956.

AICMA’s main aims & objects:
  1. To promote and protect the Small Scale Cosmetic Industry in India.
  2. To promote co-operation and cordial relations between all the SMALL SCALE COSMETIC MANUFACTURERS in India.
  3. To represent problems faced by the members to the central and state government departments viz central excise, Food & Drug Administration, Bureau of Indian Standards, Weights & Measures, and Direct & Indirect Taxes etc.
  4. To collect and dis-seminate knowledge and information to promote understanding between the persons engaged in the cosmetic industry on all India basis.
  5. To promote help and emphasis for quality Cosmetic products by the member manufacturers throughout India.
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