Gattefose India Pvt. Ltd. Stand 260

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Website: www.gattefosse.com
We proudly trace our 130 years of heritage specialized in the creation, development, manufacture, & marketing of specialty ingredients for the Health & Beauty industries worldwide suited from basics to niche applications. Gattefossé India Pvt Limited is a decade run strategic supplier for cosmetics & pharmaceuticals companies in India. This affiliate of Gattefossé is responsible for sales, marketing & technical service support throughout the Indian subcontinent & sustains a profitable operation, strongly supported by a professional & a motivated team. The company has a well-equipped application lab – TECHNICAL CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE in Mumbai to enhance customer support. This Centre has been established to address formulation development needs for customer projects & in house global technical requirements. It is a FDA approved laboratory to facilitate the use of API's in Pharmaceutical formulations. The Technical Centre delivers services pertaining to use of Gattefossé excipients in Pharmaceutical & Personal Care Formulations. 
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